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Artist Statement

Photography is about images that freeze a moment in space and time. Images that are captured in the viewfinder by the photographer's eye. This is my art...unaltered...that I wish to share with you. I want you to see and experience my world exactly as I see it...and the only way to guarantee this is through traditional photography primarily using film as the light sensitive medium.

From my background in Electrical Engineering, I have learned to be precise and organized in everything I do. These qualities allow me to carefully plan my images, capturing the natural beauty around me and emphasizing lines, forms, and textures. My collection includes breathtaking views of natural landscapes from Western national parks as well as simple ones from places in the Northeast, Midwest, and Southwest. Many times I practice a concept I call "look small" in which I look for small interesting subjects amidst background distractions. I like to think that I am "turning the ordinary...into art."

My black-and-white images of historic structures, small towns, and large cities highlight architectural lines and shapes in the true "less is more" formalistic style. Instead of photographing familiar subjects and scenes, I like to take a completely different look. I shoot from unusual angles and perspectives to add my own unique style, personality . . . and sometimes sense of humor.

My images of local cities and colleges are meant to be affordable artwork that can be purchased to evoke memories or used as unique gifts.

I use a basic single lens reflex system (35mm,medium format, or more recently digital) and natural light, without any kind of filtering. I process and print many of my own black-and-white and color images using standard darkroom techniques, or I employ commercial facilities, which print my images under my direct supervision. My minimal use of "computer aids" allows me to take some of my images and "mirror" them to create unique environments...but they are still unaltered views of the image from film. My images on canvas are produced with archival inks, archival canvas, and coated with a UV coating.

I feel that art should be appreciated by everyone, so I try to make mine obtainable and enjoyable by as many people as possible…thus…"AFFORDABLE ART!"

Jeffrey Lance was schooled as an Electrical Engineer graduating with a Masters Degree from Cornell University in 1977. He practiced in this field for 20 years with photography being his primary hobby. During these years, his hobby led him to create many small businesses, the most successful of which was photographing young figure skaters at various competitions in his surrounding communities. In 1995 he retired from his engineering/marketing position to explore his creative abilities in a more artistic endeavor.

In 1988, he began to seriously photograph his collection of images and made them available for sale as Limited Editions beginning in 1998. Most of the images produced by Jeffrey Lance are breathtaking views of natural landscapes. While many are from western National Parks, quite a few are simple views from simple places in the Northeast, Midwest, and Southwest. All of them elicit memories and special feelings from everyone who views them.

His interests lie in capturing the natural beauty around him with special emphasis on lines, form, and textures. Many of his black & white images capture views of small towns and large cities highlighting architectural lines and shapes in the true "less is more" formalistic style. His "Fleeting G'Lance's" line of small, framed, black & white sepia-toned "views of local color" are both popular and affordable. These images typically are of surroundings near show venues and are captured only days before.

For many years he has been very active volunteering in the Dallas arts community and has served on many arts related Boards. He served as both Director and President of the organization which produces both the ARTFEST and MONTAGE art festivals (The 500, Inc.) which draw tens of thousands of patrons and attract artists from all over the country. These festivals raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year which are donated back to 35 visual and performing arts organizations in the Dallas Metroplex. Jeff opened his gallery in Edom, TX in 2009 and now has a permanent place to display and sell his work.

BEST OF CATEGORY: Artwalk At Regency Court, 1/31/99, Boca Raton, FL
SECOND PLACE: PHOTOGRAPHY: Riofest, 4/99, Harlingen, TX
THIRD PLACE: PHOTOGRAPHY: Riofest, 4/99, Harlingen, TX
PURCHASE AWARD: ALL CATEGORIES: Arts Festival Oklahoma, 9/99, Oklahoma City, OK
JURY MERIT AWARD: ALL CATEGORIES: Red River Revel, 10/99, Shreveport, LA
BEST OF CATEGORY: Artwalk At Regency Court, 1/29/00, Boca Raton,FL
SECOND PLACE-SHOW: Old Bedford School Art Market, 10/21/00, Bedford, TX
SECOND PLACE-PHOTOGRAPHY: Ponca City Art Festival, 9/15/01, Ponca City, OK
HONORABLE MENTION-PHOTOGRAPHY: Arts Festival Oklahoma, 9/02, Oklahoma City, OK
FIRST PLACE-PHOTOGRAPHY: Ponca City Art Festival, 9/22/02, Ponca City, OK
JURY MERIT AWARD: Red River Revel, 10/03, Shreveport, LA
SECOND PLACE: PHOTOGRAPHY: Art Festival Oklahoma, 9/04, OKC, OK
SECOND PLACE: PHOTOGRAPHY: Red River Revel, 10/04, Shreveport, LA
THIRD PLACE: PHOTOGRAPHY: Art Festival Oklahoma, 9/05, OKC, OK
JUDGE: “On My Own Time,” Sponsored by Dallas Business Committee for the Arts - 2003,4,5
JUDGE: City of Richardson Photography Contest - 2007

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