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Customer Comments

"I really appreciate all the trouble you are going through to make this gift so special. Your service is a breath of fresh air and you will definitly have my repeat business. I'm so glad to have found you and look forward to filling my home and my friends and families homes with your work. I will let you know as soon as it arrives." ...Red Oak, TX

"Jeff, I bought LSU and A & M collages from for my daughter (Aggie) and son in-law (Tiger) for Christmas. They absolutely flipped over them. They’ve never gotten their college diplomas framed nicely, so they’re taking all 4 together to get framed for their office walls. Both said they had never seen such a unique gift. I just wanted to let you know how much they enjoyed them! Of course now the bar is raised for next Christmas!" … Plano, TX

"Hey Jeffrey,
When I told Mr. G about the photos he really got excited. That covered bridge kind of represents his dream(s). He is very old now and many days thats all he can hope for , a walk to the covered bridge and back. (His house adjoins the office at the front of the nursery). Later that morning, one of the boys that works for Mr. G told me that it had really made his day just to hear about the bridge and that his Bridge was the subject of artistic expression. As long as I have these phots he will never die.
Regards." ...Shreveport, LA

"Dear Jeffrey Lance,
I came across your web site the other day and loved some of your work. Your photograph of the Balloon Festival in Plano, TX touched me. It brought me back to when I was a little girl and loved to watch hot air balloons hover in the earily evening hours at my grandma's house."

"Hi Jeff,
The collage came yesterday while I was away from the house so I got a note saying that I had a package at the PO. I picked it up this morning. It is FAB! Thanks for all your time and trouble. This is for my brother who graduated from UT with a journalism degree. He is going to love it! Happy Holidays!"…Lufkin, TX

"I still think what an extraordinary gift you gave me. "Finding South" is what i see every morning before I leave, and I appreciate it so much. thank you again for your kindness and, of course, you will see me again at the art shows here in oklahoma"
....Oklahoma City, OK

"Hi Jeff,
I received the picture from my mom yesterday and I just got it back from being framed! It is so beautiful and I wanted to thank you again for the picture and sending it to me so quickly! I look forward and hope to do business again with you in the future!
Take Care"... Valley View, TX

My daughter and I enjoyed your beautiful photographs at the Revel. I'm sure my son will enjoy his collage of the LSUS photos and his girlfriend will enjoy the collage of the photos of LSU medical center. You certainly have an artistic eye when you peek through that camera lense and do your cropping. Keep up the beautiful work."...Shreveport, LA

"Dear Jeff,
And thanks to you for your creativity and art-filled photography, it will certainly provide us with much needed "food for the soul" when we admire the beautiful photograph we got from you. We certainly plan on adding to the collection!"
...Fort Worth, TX

I received the photos today. They look AWESOME! I can't wait to get them framed them with my diploma. Thank you for the speedy delivery!"…Moore, OK

I received the photo yesterday & I love it. It's even more beautiful in person - thanks so much!"…Lawton, OK

I received the pictures yesterday. I finally got time to look at them today. I love them. One was for me and one for a gift. They are perfect. I can’t wait to get a frame so I can hang it up. Thank you so much and I look forward to doing business with you again." ...Colorado Springs, CO

"Dear Jeff:
I was eager to get to the office this morning, knowing your photo would be arriving. The mailroom clerk just brought it to my desk. You're right: the color is magnificent - deeper and brighter than I remembered. You have done yourself proud! I can hardly wait to find a frame for it. There are a couple of pieces from your website I plan to order for friends, but want you to know how much I will enjoy this photo in particular. Many, many thanks. I hope to see you at one of your other shows. Please keep me on your mailing list for the future.
Blessings for the gift of your lens - human and camera!" …Fort, Worth

"I just now came from your website and was impressed. Surely one of your strong points is "communication". You might be one of the exceptions and have the capability to actually make sales in your cyber booth."

"We received your thoughtful note and it made our day. We trust that you will be in our lives in some way too from here on out. With pleasure we look forward to working with you in the future, and viewing more of your excellent photos…"Dallas, TX

I received my La Carafe photo yesterday and it looks great. I plan to get it framed and give it to my wife for Christmas - we used to go there many years ago before we were married. I do appreciate your thoroughness and follow-up and will be sure to
recommend to my friends that they take a look at your site. Thanks again."…Kingwood, TX

"Jeff - on Saturday I bought a picture of the UT tower from you in a small frame. I just wanted to tell you that I gave it to my girlfriend later that day, and she loved it very much. Thank you!" ...Houston, TX

"Dear Jeff: Thank you very much for sharing all those special moments that you captured in your pictures. I myself have taken many pictures, but yours are tops."..Rio Hondo, TX

"I'm really enjoying your photo of the Denton courthouse I bought at the Jazz Festival last weekend! I'm wondering if I could get 2 more of the same--"closeup of clock with bird"...I would like to send them to a couple of former Dentonite friends...Thanks for such a cool photo!"..Denton, TX

"I really enjoyed visiting with you at the Art Show and thought you might like to know that I viewed your work on this site and it does not do justice to the REAL work I viewed at the Art Show. I can hardly wait to present your work to my daughter for her birthday. I know she will be as thrilled with it as I am to give it to her."..Salado, TX

"We enjoyed the brief time we were able to view your great pictures. We will keep in touch."..Salado, TX

"Jeff, your picture of the painted pony was a hit."..Oklahoma City, OK

"Thanks, Jeff. We do like your excellent work, and we're excited about mailing the picture of the Canal to our North Dakota."..Oklahoma City, OK

"Your images were wonderful!! Our friends should have received your picture of the hamburger place in Lawton, so hopefully they are enjoying it." "Do let us know when you are in the area again" Oklahoma City, OK

"...our friends loved your work so much they wanted to know who you were. If you can, put them on your mailing list so that you can let them know the next time you have a show in Lawton or surrounding area.!" ..Lawton, OK

I recently saw your pictures at the balloon festival in Plano. I loved them.”..Plano,TX

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