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In addition to photographic images from JeffreyLance Photography, the gallery also hosts the works of several other artists in different media.

As new works are included, opening receptions are held with the artists present to answer any questions. To be notified of reception dates and gallery special events, please send an email to: and let us know that you would like to be informed of these events.

All pieces of art shown below are one-of-a-kind. Please contact us for availability and purchase information: 903-852-2781 or

Bring in your own art and let us frame it for you. We have lots of mouldings to choose from, or you can even bring in your own frame and we can cut appropriate mats and put it all together for you.

by Judy Gottesman
"Reviving non-playing guitars into works of art"

Judy has completed two new "art guitars" as part of her ArtSong collection. They are now on display and available in the gallery. From old, broken, non-playable guitars, Judy creates works of art...each unique in its theme and design. You need to see these in person to appreciate the craftsmanship!

The Guitar on the Left is Currently on Display and For Sale at:
300 W Rusk, Tyler, TX
in the Azalea District Brick Streets Village

Products for natural health care;
Specialty beds and harnesses; toys, treats, food and
much, much more!


by Lindsay Designs
Fused glass is made by cutting, stacking and layering sheets of glass into unique designs that are then fused together in a kiln. The time spent refining the glass is known as 'coldworking' and encompases grinding, sandblasting and drilling the glass, then firing it to achieve the desired effect.

Framed Coin Artistry

Using the work of Mark Soukup's hand-cut Coined Artistry and images from JeffreyLance Photography, the gallery now has a unique collection of framed pieces incorporating both. Examples include the Texas Lone Star Quarter combined with the flag image on a windmill blade (above), and various motorcycle images matted in Harley colors (below). Custom pieces can be created using any one of over a dozen coin designs, most photographic images, and various frames in all shapes and sizes.

Jewelry Boxes by MS Wood Crafts

Martin J. Benoit
Louisiana Ink Art

"Creating art in ink...a square inch an hour."

We are proud to offer a select collection of Martin Benoit's work at The Old Firehouse Gallery.

Order your Limited-Edition "Louisiana Bicentennial" Poster
from Martin by Clicking Here

Martin J Benoit (his last name rhymes with "Renoir") has been capturing the images of his world in pen-and-ink since the early 1980's. His collection of works has something for everyone.

He first became interested in art at the impressionable age of eight while watching an artist work at a theme park. That memory stuck with him through the years. His first pen-and-ink work was for his own home in 1983. Over the years since, he has fine-tuned his highly-detailed ink works to produce drawings of intense detail. Viewed from a few feet or across the room, the incredible detail of Martin's work gives life and depth to the drawings.Martin works with a very fine-tipped technical pen.

After composing a scene from his vast collection of photos and clippings, he spends hours in preliminary pencil sketching. Every line is measured and calculated to produce a drawing of exact proportions. It requires an hour per square inch to complete an original ink drawing.


The gallery carries a vast assortment of Porcelain Lithophane nightlights, shadow boxes, and mantle stands. Lithophanes are a rare and exquisite art form from the 19th Century when it was discovered that three dimensional images could be produced by shining light through a carving of various thickness in porcelain. Designs can be viewed at and if we don't have the design you're looking for, we can get it for you!

In 1733, John Kay invented the Flying Shuttle, which was one of the key developments in weaving that helped fuel the Industrial Revolution. Prior to the flying shuttle, large looms needed two weavers to throw the shuttle back and forth as the fabric was woven. The Flying Shuttle was the first step in the automation of weaving by having the shuttle launched by machine back and forth through the loom thus providing an increase in speed and the ability to weave wider fabrics. The Flying Shuttle dominated commercial weaving through the middle of the twentieth century.This "original" shuttle is made of natural finished hardwood and has been reclaimed from one of the many weaving mills in the U.S. and England.

Flying Shuttle Planter

Approx 20" high

Comes complete with glass vase.


Flying Shuttle Planter

Approx 15" high

Comes complete with glass vase.


by Mark Soukup
Designs are constantly changing. Those shown below are just examples. For currently available designs, visit our gallery or call.

United States Quarter
Hand Cut Custom Design

Includes 2 adjustable cords

United States Quarter
Hand Cut Custom Design

Includes 2 adjustable cords


These clocks are made from recycled computer parts

This clock is made from an old Serial Interface Card. Quartz movement uses one AA battery.


This clock is made from the front panel of an old 386 machine. It contains a quartz movement that uses one AA battery, and also has room to mount a photograph on the top.



We carry several sizes and colors of 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14 "ready made" frames.

These are complete frames with matboards ready for you to just insert your own photograph.

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