Renovation of The Old Firehouse
Edom, Texas

We began in January of 2009 with cinderblock walls and a leaky metal roof. Our plan was to build new, insulated interior walls to create a gallery in front and a quiet, private massage studio in a room in the rear that used to be a locker room. With the addition of a new front awning, deck, and concrete entrance slab, the bulk of the construction was completed by the 2009 "April in Edom" festival. After that, all that remained was to paint the outside of the building and some finishing work on the interior. With help from our good friend and singer/songwriter Nick Annis, we began the construction of additional interior walls in the rear "garage" area, as well as the enclosing of the 24' garage door. Now the music room is starting to take shape.

During the summer of 2009, we will insulate the rear of the building and add air conditioning.

Original Front of Building


2/23/09 Judy priming "new" front of building

3/2/09 A new front awning & entrance slab

The new front awning is completed

3/9/09 Judy priming the new trim

Jeff completed the new front deck
Inside gallery just after taping & bedding.

All these photographs..where to hang them?

Inside gallery taking shape

Kerry Hargrove lends a hand

A little help from Zeke & Marty

Finally..we found straight ones!

Building the interior wall for the music venue

Nick & Jeff putting the wall in place

Nick closing up the 24' garage door opening

Three weeks of 100 degree weather. I wonder if it's ever gonna rain?

Stay tuned...the renovation continues....


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