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Jeff Gottesman has been a photographer all his life, but in 1988 he began to seriously build a portfolio of his color and B&W images and make them available for sale as Limited Editions beginning in 1998. Most of his images are breathtaking views of natural landscapes, but quite a few are simple views from simple places in the Northeast, Midwest, and Southwest. His interest is in capturing the natural beauty around him with special emphasis on lines, form, and textures. His images of local cities and local colleges (great graduation gifts) are meant to be affordable artwork that can be purchased to evoke memories or used as unique gifts.

VISIT Jeff's WEBSITE to view and order his images:

The gallery also carries a vast assortment of Porcelain Lithophane nightlights, shadow boxes, and mantle stands. Lithophanes are a rare and exquisite art form from the 19th Century when it was discovered that three dimensional images could be produced by shining light through a carving of various thickness in porcelain. Designs can be viewed at and if we don't have the design you're looking for, we can get it for you!

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