The Old Firehouse 2021-22
Visual Arts Gallery - Custom Framing
Acoustic Folk Music & More

8241 FM 279 - Edom, TX 75754
903-852-ART1 (2781)
Right in Downtown Edom! (click here for map)
Regular Hours: Thurs-Sat 10am - 3pm (except when we're out of town)



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Judy left us in January, but Jeff has put together a book of her life as told in her own words through poetry, prose, and photos. The book is now available to purchase for $15 with free shipping, or $12 in the gallery. To purchase online, click the link below

Judy Gottesman was born into an abusive environment, yet survived four marriages to finally find true love only to have it cut short by Alzheimer's Disease. This book tells her story in her own words, through poetry and prose collected and compiled by her loving husband Jeff.

“She grew up with an abusive father and multiple unsuccessful marriages, yet she still turned out to be the sweetest, most empathetic person I ever knew.

“Her life turned around in the early 2000s through a serendipitous outing with a mutual acquaintance. Judy's love of music was always at the forefront of her mind. We met at an acoustic folk music venue in Dallas where we both attended a concert by one of our favorite singer/songwriters.

“We dated for almost 5 years until we decided to move to East Texas into the warm, loving, and welcoming arms of the entire Edom. Texas Arts Community. From that point on, Judy flourished. Her artistic talents soon were apparent in her poetry and handmade items. Her home art studio was almost as well equipped as a hobby store. Even her massage business was re-energized in her new, beautiful studio in the Edom Firehouse in which she spent so much time. Our love of music continued to grow as Judy was an instrumental part in creating the Old Firehouse Music Venue where she loved to not only listen to the live performances, but relished spending time with the musicians when we hosted them overnight after the concerts.

“Her second love (after me) was our two dogs Enzo and Yoda who were as much a part of her life as any non-human could be. Enzo was a beautiful gift from one of her massage clients, and Yoda was.....well the canine that she just fell in love with when he showed up in our backyard and winked at her. Talk about love at first sight! I was jealous!

“These are the times to remember about Judy, not the later days when this horrible disease took hold. For 5 years we strugged through test after test and doctor after doctor only to finally accept the diagnosis.

“This book is dedicated to the strength and courage of those who have been abused, as well as encouragement to the caregivers and victims of Alzheimer's.”

Jeff Gottesman, 2021

Fear, Hope, Love


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Season Sponsor of The Old Firehouse

The old Edom Firehouse has been transformed into a new, multipurpose space that is the permanent home of JeffreyLance Photography, a Singer/Songwriter Concert Venue for Original Acoustic Folk Music, and now Edom's new home for the showing of first run Independent Films.

The dream of Judy and Jeff Gottesman, The Old Firehouse is the newest contribution to Edom's unique mix of art galleries, studios, shops, and restaurants.

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